Sooners Win 4th Straight

The Sooners were about due to win a game like this. After losing some games in the dying moments earlier in the season, the Sooners held on to win a thriller in Week 7, 45-40 over the Twin Cities Predators. It was by far the highest scoring game of the Sooners' season. Ottawa has now won 4 straight, improving their record to 4 and 3 on the season.

The Sooners appeared to have full control of the game in the fourth when Mat Mondoux scored on a 35 yard touchdown run. That gave Ottawa a 42-27 lead with 11 minutes to go. However, there was still plenty of fight left in the Predators, who stormed downfield for a pair of majors. Down by 5, Twin Cities got the ball in Sooner territory in the final minute but this time the Sooner defence came up big, stopping the drive and preserving the victory.

Entering the final week, the Sooners can still make the playoffs. They're tied with London (4-3) for the fourth and final playoff spot in the OFC. London holds the tiebreaker because they beat Ottawa head-to-head in week 3. Ottawa has two paths to the playoffs. They must win at St Leonard (5-2) and hope London loses their final game at Windsor (6-1). In a far more complicated scenario, the Sooners might also be able get in - even if London wins their final game. However, they must beat St. Leonard by 9 points or more. 

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