Ottawa Sooners - 2017 Year End Letter

Ottawa Sooners - 2017 Year End Letter

As we have just completed our 2017 season and year end banquets, we are gearing up for an exciting 2018 season. Firstly, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the coaches, staff and volunteers for all of their time and hard work this past season.

Many changes are on the forefront for the Ottawa Sooners organization. Our current clubhouse has been demolished and we’ve relocated and we have teamed up with NextGen, a fantastic organization to assist training our athletes.

It is important that we recognize and thank Coach Geoff Graham for his tireless commitment to the Sooners program. Geoff dedicated thousands of hours to help us get the next generation of Ottawa Sooners up and going. Not only as our head coach for the CJFL Ottawa Sooners program but, as a mentor for the new coaches and players. Geoff also has served on our board and volunteered in so many other things, to assist us in growing the Ottawa Sooners. Geoff was instrumental in helping us through so much diversity and we couldn’t have done it without him.

Coach Geoff has an exciting new business adventure which will be taking up much of his time and we wish him all the best. We hope he will still come around from time to time, as he will surely be missed by many. Thank you again Geoff, and good luck with your business, we have no doubt that it will be a great success.

John and Tammy Allarie
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