2016 Coaching Staff » Year(s): 2016 » Paul Deek

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    Defensive Coordinator
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    Coach Paul Deek brings years of coaching experience to the Ottawa Sooners including nine years at NCAFA and four years at the OVFL level. His most current coaching position was with the Ottawa Myers Riders JV football team in 2015 and served as both linebacker and defensive linemen coach from the OVFL, who just won the Provincial Championship in August. Prior to coaching with the Riders, Coach Deek was the Defensive Coordinator with the Orleans Dukes in 2013 who won the NCAFA Midget championship that year. Prior to that, Coach Deek was the linebacker coach for the Cumberland Panthers from 2012 to 2014. He was also the linebacker coach for the Ottawa Sooners in 2011. Coach Deek has also coached in numerous all-star games and Team Ontario, including going into his second year as the linebacker coach with the Ontario Prospect Challenge, Varsity level. He’s very excited and honoured for this opportunity and looks forward to continuing the Sooners tradition.

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