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Sooner All-Stars


All-Star Selections
(During the CJFL years, highlighted players indicate that they are All-Canadian, when that information is available.  Non-highlighted are OFC or QJFL/QMJFL all-stars) 

2014 DL Carter Wilson, DB Wassim Sayegh, OL Joey Pisani, REC Nick Downey, RB Jonathan Cimankinda.

2013:  OL Stephane Tanguay, OL Noah Domingue, RB Mathew Mondoux, DL Steve Dignard, DB Cody Valle

2011: WR Eric Letourneau, WR Jonathan McNulty, DB Prenel Cave, 2011 OFC Defensive Rookie of the Year: DE Trent Corney
: WR
Eric Letourneau, OL Matt Bergeron, DL Andrew Leaflang, LB Ron Omara, DB Shane Nolan
: WR Curtis Cates, RB Sean Murphy, OL's Matt Bergeron and Alex Mateas, DL Jason Cabana, DB Mo Njau
: WR Devon Sparman, OL's Matt Bergeron and Louis Piteros, DL Tom Narbaitz, LB Tyler Duncan, DB's Josh Hamilton and Thomas Harris
: QB Nathan Beeler, WR John Delahunt and Eli Aramouni, OL Tyler Scott, DL Tom Nairbaitz, LB Tylar Duncan, DB Scott Gilmore and Josh Hamilton

2006: OL Peter Doyle and Tyler Scott, RB James Cochrane, WR John Delahunt, LB Mike Gravelle and Raymond Alidu, DB James Sarsfield
2000:  Ryan Eadie

1997: OL Adam Kane, WR Mark DeGrandpré, P's Scott Boxall and Pat Flemming, DL Craig Hodge, LB Shane Hamilton, DB's Marc Hubert and Shawn Ashmead
1995: OL Benji Sonnenburg, OL Shawn Payer, WR Pat Woodcock, DL Chuck Sincennes, LB Merith White
: OL
Benji Sonnenburg, Shawn Payer, Chris Stinson, RB Rob Bedard, P Darren Morgan, DL Chuck Sincennes, LB James Williams, DB Harry Lopez

1993: OL's Craig Boyd, Shawn Payer and Chris Stinson, RB Etienne Mouaga, PK's Chris Nelson and Byron Rempel, P Darren Morgan, DL Chuck Sincennes, LB's Jeff Howe and Todd Rewakoski, DB Joe Violante
: OL's Craig Boyd, Benji Sonnenburg and
Chris Stinson, RB Jeff Koradi, WR Paolo Daros, DL Chuck Sincennes, LB Joey Ducharme, DB's Sean Hall and Howie Innis
: OL's Mike Sutherland and Steve Campagna, RB Jeff Koradi, DL
Dave Lewis, LB's Rod Harmer and Joey Ducharme, DB's Sean Hall and Howie Innis 
: OL
Steve Campagna, RB Darren Joseph, DL Mike Huber, LB Clive Lloyd
1989: WR Simon Garner, OL Dave Webster and Paul Begin, DL Dave Weatherall, LB Mike Lavigne, DB Hunter Parsons 
: LB Moe Lepage, DB Hunter Parsons
: RB Mike Shearon, WR Kyle Renaud, OL Don Petit, DL Dave Weatherall, LB's Tim Mcgowan and Mike Morris
: QB Rich Boudreau, RB Keith Kelly, WR Jamie Straw, OL's Jim Brunton, Paul Gauthier and Mike Ruffa, DL Henry Brenning, LB Tim McGowan and Mike Morris, DB's Tex thomas, Chris murawsky and Dick Blais
: QB Rick Boudreau, RB Mike Shearon, WR Jamie Straw, OL's Jim Brunton and Mike Ruffa, DL Jarett Davey, LB Tim Mcgowan, DB Pierre Plante
: QB Andy McEvoy OL Scott Yeldon, RB Dave Waterhouse, WR George Gariepy, DL Joe Gaff, LB Jeff Simms, DB Dick Blais
: QB Rick Boudreau, WR Joey Tynes, OL Mark Johnston, DL Mark Popplewell, LB Shane Ireland, DB Richard Deblois
: PK Scott Hay. LB Shane Ireland, DB Richard Deblois
: RB Joey Tynes, WR Bryan Bynoe, PK Scott Hay, DB Richard Deblois
: WR Bryan Bynoe, OL Bob Stephen, DL Chuck Carrabine
RB Vern Adams, OL Bob Stephen and Murray Osterer, DE Chuck Carabine, LB Rick Sabourin, DB Steve Tymchuk
1978: RB Vern Adams, OL Murray Osterer and Jim Desilva, LB Rick Sabourin, DB Jim Scott
: RB Ron Grant, WR Harold Biewald, OL Brian Moloughney, DL Howie Osterer, LB Rick Sabourin, DB Brian Brunke
: RB Joe Colvey, LB Bob Cesaratto

League Award Winners

2014 OFC Coach of the Year John Buck, OFC Defensive Lineman of the Year Carter Wilson, Return Specialist of the Year Nick Downey.
2013 OFC Defensive Lineman of the Year Steve Dignard
2011 OFC Defensive Rookie of the Year:  DE Trent Corney
2010 OFC Rookie of the Year: WR Eric Letourneau
2000 QMJFL Defensive Player of the Year: Ryan Eadie
1991 CJFL Coach of the Year:  Greg Marshall
1984 CJFL Offensive Player of the Year:  Andy McAvoy
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